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Education Corner

This section is dedicated entirely to providing you with the most crucial information – as well as practical tips, tricks and strategies – you need to help your children have strong, healthy teeth and beautiful smiles.

We're Here to Help Educate You and Your Family on Pediatric Dentistry.  

Medical dental science is developing at a dizzying pace, and clinical practitioners bring those advances in technique, materials, treatment and prevention into their work with their patients, every day.

So, why have more than 50% of children in Canada already experienced tooth decay, sometimes in multiple teeth? And why are instances of tooth decay increasing among very young patients, those between the ages of 2 and 4?

There’s a lot of information (and misinformation) out there, which can make it really difficult for parents and caregivers to make good dental and oral care decisions for their children.

That's why we've created this section of Growing Smiles — to give you and your family straightforward and practical facts, information and advice about how best to care for your children's growing smiles.

Early Oral Health

Get important information, practical tips, tricks and strategies for your childrens' oral health. 

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