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At Kids R Us, your dentist will monitor your child's growing smile for any sign of developing misalignment. If a problem is caught early enough, early orthodontic intervention can help prevent the problem from getting worse.

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Children's Orthodontic Treatment Stages

Developing malocclusions, or bad bites, can be recognized as early as 2-3 years of age. Often, early steps can be taken to reduce the need for major orthodontic treatment at a later age.

Stage I: Early Treatment (Age 2 to 6)

This period of treatment encompasses ages 2 to 6 years. At this young age, we are concerned with underdeveloped dental arches, the premature loss of primary teeth, and harmful habits such as finger or thumb sucking.

Treatment initiated in this stage of development is often very successful and many times, though not always, can eliminate the need for future orthodontic/orthopedic treatment.

Stage II: Mixed Dentition (Age 6 to 12)

This period covers the ages of 6 to 12 years, with the eruption of the permanent incisor (front) teeth and 6 year molars.

Treatment concerns deal with jaw malrelationships and dental realignment problems. This is an excellent stage to start treatment, when indicated, as your child’s hard and soft tissues are usually very responsive to orthodontic or orthopedic forces.

Stage III: Adolescent Dentition (Age 12+)

This stage deals with the permanent teeth and the development of the final bite relationship.

Early Intervention Appliances

We offer the following appliances for early orthodontic treatment at Kids R Us Dentistry:

Space Maintainers

A space maintainer is an oral appliance that is custom-made in acrylic or metal material. It can be either removable or cemented in a child's mouth.

A space maintainer helps to keep the space open to allow the permanent tooth to erupt and come into place.


Expanders are an oral device that help to treat or even prevent malocclusions in children. 

Expanders work by creating more space in a child's mouth by gradually widening their upper jaw.

Myobrace for Kids™

Myobrace for Kids™ is a three-stage appliance system designed specifically to correct poor oral habits while treating upper and lower jaw development problems. 

Myobrace for Kids is most effective after a child’s permanent front teeth have come through and before all the permanent teeth have erupted and is available in three sizes.

Early Detection Is Key

In the past, typical orthodontic treatment did not begin until age 12-14 years, when the permanent teeth are coming in. Today, dentists treat children at much earlier ages to help prevent any issues from getting worse.

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