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Restorative Services

At Kids R Us Dentistry in Southwest Calgary, our dentist offers restorative dental services for children including fillings, stainless steel or zirconium crowns, whitening and more. 

What is a cavity?

A cavity, or tooth decay, is an infection of the tooth created by the interaction of the tooth enamel to sugars from foods and germs in the mouth.  Germs turn the sugars into acid which softens the enamel and eventually produces a 'hole' in the tooth.

Infants can get germs from parents, caregivers, siblings, and playmates through salivary contact from kissing or sharing objects that go in the mouth.

Cavities can be fixed or restored by the dentist to make the tooth 'whole' again.

  • Crowns

    At Kids R Us Dentistry, we offer stainless steel and zirconium crowns to help restore severely cracked, damaged or weak permanent teeth in children.  Why might my child need a dental crown? Our dentist may recommend a stainless steel or zirconium crown for your child if they have a weak, severely damaged or cracked tooth that cannot be repaired by a filling. A crown is used to cover their natural tooth to help provide supp...
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  • Extractions

    At Kids R Us Dentistry in Calgary, we offer teeth extractions for children with primary (baby) teeth or permanent teeth that are damaged beyond repair.   Why might my child need a tooth extraction? At Kids R Us Dentistry, our team's primary goal is to preserve your child's natural teeth. However, if your child has a tooth with significant decay or damage that is beyond repair, we may suggest an extraction. We may also recomm...
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  • Fillings

    At Kids R Us Dentistry in Southwest Calgary, we offer dental fillings to help prevent further decay or cavities in children.  Why might my child need a filling? We may recommend a filling for your child if they have a damaged or cracked tooth in need of repair. A filling will help prevent bacteria from entering the crack or damaged area of the tooth, preventing further infection or decay.  The Dental Filling Process First...
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  • Teeth Whitening

    At Kids R Us Dentistry in Southwest Calgary, we offer teeth whitening for teens with yellowed or darkened permanent teeth.  Why might my child need teeth whitening? It is not uncommon for our teenage patients to ask about teeth whitening options. Over time, teeth can yellow, as the result of stain-causing foods and beverages and event genetics. If your teen is interested in a brighter smile, we may recommend a non...
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