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Special Needs

Each child is different, and each has different needs when it comes to oral health care. Visiting the dentist and practicing regular brushing and flossing at home can be challenging even with the most easygoing of children. 

Special Needs | Kids R Us

The Importance of Oral Health

Helping kids with special needs (including physical, developmental, cognitive, sensory, behavioural and/or emotional conditions) to regular dental care and effective self-care habits can be especially difficult.

Dental and oral health might not seem like the biggest priority for those caring for kids with unique and sometimes complex needs. But the fact is, the sleeplessness, secondary health issues and behavioural and social problems that can arise out of dental discomfort can make managing your children’s special needs even trickier.

Further, some conditions can actually increase kids’ susceptibility to tooth decay and other oral health problems, and other children require medication or have dietary restrictions or requirements that can undermine oral health.

How a Pediatric Dentist Can Help

Pediatric dentists, because of their training, can often communicate effectively with special needs kids in ways that other dental care professionals cannot.

For children with physical or emotional barriers to sustained dental care that can’t be overcome through games, calming techniques or quiet persuasion, sedation and anesthesia are safe options to consider.

Pediatric dentists receive in-depth training in the proper and effective use of nitrous oxide, oral conscious sedation medications and general anesthesia for treating special needs children.

Your pediatric dentist will work with you to determine how best to provide your special needs child with superior treatment; they will talk to you about three primary options.

Introducing regular dental care into your little ones’ lives doesn’t need to be overwhelming — for them or for you.

The long-term benefits of helping your children build and maintain great self-care habits and trust in their pediatric dental doctor cannot be underestimated — because strong, healthy, pain-free teeth can significantly improve children’s entire physical, emotional, mental, social and behavioural well-being.

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