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Other Resources

Discover different resources to keep your child interested on healthy habits.


National Museum of Dentistry - Mouth Power

Let Mouthie take you into the MouthPower laboratory. Explore the history of dentistry and the story of your own teeth! Then create your own poster about healthy mouth habits.


The Internet's #1 Education Site for K-8, Kids and Teachers. A really fun site that has something for everyone - Games, learning arcades, web books, comics and more. Once you've entered the site, you'll never want to leave.

Kids Show on PBS 

With thousands of pages to explore, you'll have loads of learning fun. Animals, reading, music, science - there's something to learn with each site visit.


Sesame Street: Healthy Teeth, Healthy Me

Online Games

Barbie: Sugar Bug Blast
Play dentist! Help Barbie with her patients' teeth.

Minions at the Dentist
The minion has big teeth problems and needs his teeth brushed, cleaned and his cavities healed. Help the minion smile again!


Disney Magic Brushing App
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Dentist Office 
Experience what is like to be a dentist.
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Animal Dentist 
Become an animal dentist and help fix all of the animals' dental problems.
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