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The Story of the Tooth Fairy - Younger Kids

Read this children's story about the adventures of Sarah and Marcus and their encounter with the Tooth Fairy.

It was near the end of June. The sun was shining. The trees were green. The birds were chirping happily. It was the recess break. Marcus loved recess, but today he was worried and a little sad.

growing smiles tooth fairy

Marcus loved recess because he got to talk to his best friend, Sarah. During the break, they liked to chat, share a snack, and plan what to do after school. Today, though, Marcus just moped. Sarah was on the other side of the playground, by herself; she was sad too. In fact, all the kids on the playground that morning were sad.

At lunchtime, Marcus and Sarah sat together.

Sarah said, “Marcus, I lost a tooth yesterday. I put it under my pillow but—”

“—the tooth fairy didn't come to take it away,” said Marcus.

They both sighed.

“Which tooth, Marcus?” They had lost the same tooth, the top right one. They smiled a little. Of course they would lose the same tooth on the same day; they did everything together. But what had happened to the tooth fairy? Their grins became frowns again.

All around them, their classmates frowned, too.

After lunch, Ms. McKesson told them their guest speaker wasn’t coming. She didn’t know why. She seemed worried, too.

growing smiles tooth fairyMs. McKesson said, “A dentist was going to come talk to you. She was going to talk about brushing and flossing your teeth. But now she can’t come. I don’t know why.”

Their teacher would show them a movie, instead. When she pressed play on the DVD, nothing happened.

But then a scary, bad man appeared on the screen! He had an evil smile. And his teeth were crooked and broken. He laughed loudly.

“Hello, children—want to know where the dentist is?” He cackled again.

“Do you want to know who I am? I AM CAPTAIN CAVITY. My other name is Tüth D. Kay!

“I am very evil. I have kidnapped your precious tooth fairy—well, tooth fairies. Each of you has your own tooth fairy. They are superheroes, who reward you for brushing and flossing.”

Captain Cavity paused. He showed them his terrible teeth again.

“All your tooth fairies are in my power. I have put them on my secret island. They will be very bored there. They will have no children to help…

“You will get no money when your teeth fall out. And you will help me. Together, we will spread cavities to all the other children of the world!”

Captain Cavity waved his wand. It was a cracked toothbrush. He yelled: “Brush no more! Run to the candy store! Little teeth, rotten to the core!”

The TV screen went blank.

“We have to do something!” Sarah and Marcus yelled.growing smiles tooth fairy

Everyone else was asleep. Marcus and Sarah were scared. But they had to stop Captain Cavity. They wanted to call Marcus’s grandmother, who had been a dentist.

The whole schoolgrowing smilese tooth fairy was asleep. In the principal’s office, Marcus called his Nan. She didn’t answer. They called their parents; their parents didn’t answer. Everyone was under Captain Cavity’s spell. They would have to save the tooth fairies themselves.

Ms. McKesson walked in. She had just woken up.

Ms. McKesson said, “Maybe my husband can help us. He’s a dentist too. Let’s go to his office. Unless Captain Cavity has kidnapped him...”No one was at her husband’s clinic. They decided to go to Marcus’s grandmother’s clinic next. When they got there, they saw bright lights flashing out of the windows. They rushed to look inside.

Captain Cavity and Marcus’s Nan were battling. The Captain was casting evil spells with his broken toothbrush. Marcus’s Nan held a new toothbrush and a giant tube of toothpaste. She was casting good spells at Captain Cavity.

Marcus’s grandmother—better known as Dr. Lee, dentist—was speaking nicely to the Captain.

 “It’s going to be okay, Tüth. I know going to the dentist cagrowing smiles tooth fairyn be scary. But I can help make your teeth feel better. That’ll make you feel better.” She cast another spell—it healed Captain Cavity’s top front teeth.

“No! No! I’m Captain Cavity! I am a super-villain!” He cast an evil spell at Dr. Lee, but he missed. He was getting tired.

Dr. Lee talked sweetly to the Captain. Marcus, Sarah and Ms. McKesson also talked to him. Sarah offered to help him floss. Marcus said he’s help him brush. Ms. McKesson offered to read him a good story.

Dr. Lee healed more and more of his teeth, so he gave up. He even asked to hear a story and brush his teeth. But he fell asleep first.

Marcus and Sarah jumped up and down, they were so happy. Ms. McKesson was relieved.

Sarah and Marcus looked at each other. They looked at Marcus’s Nan. They had an idea.

Marcus said, “Nan—you used to be a dentist. Are you also a tooth fairy?”growing smiles tooth fairy

Dr. Lee nodded yes.

Sarah yelled, “That means you’re a super-hero!”

Dr. Lee smiled. “Yes, I am also a tooth fairy.

“Captain Cavity is sleeping, so I’ll fix all his teeth. That will break the spell. All the other tooth fairies and dentists will be able to escape the boring island.” The super-villain wasn’t a super-villain anymore. He was just a tired boy. Dr. Lee winked at them. “Taking good care of your teeth is magical stuff.”

growing smiles tooth fairyEveryone at school the next day was happy. The tooth fairy had visited all of them the night before. When class started, Ms. McKesson came in with a new student.

“This is T.K. He’s joining our class today. Please make him feel welcomgrowing smilese tooth fairye.”

He looked familiar—he was Captain Cavity, also known as Tüth D. Kay! Marcus and Sarah felt nervous but he smiled at them. T.K.’s had healthy white teeth—but the top right one was missing, just like theirs. Then they knew it was okay.

“Real superheroes…” Sarah whispered happily.

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