Dental Crowns for Children in Calgary SW

At Kids R Us Dentistry in Calgary SW, we offer stainless steel and zirconium crowns to help restore severely cracked, damaged or weak permanent teeth in children. 

Stainless Steel & Zirconium Crowns | Kids R Us

Why might my child need a dental crown?

Our dentist may recommend a stainless steel or zirconium crown for your child if they have a weak, severely damaged or cracked tooth that cannot be repaired by a filling. A crown is used to cover their natural tooth to help provide support and structure. 

Dental Crowns for Children in Calgary SW: What are the benefits?

A stainless steel crown can help enhance the appearance of a natural tooth, however, it is typically recommended to improve a tooth function and strength. Zirconium crowns are tooth-coloured to allow a more natural tooth appearance.

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