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Conscious Sedation

At Kids R Us Dentistry in Calgary, our pediatric dentist offers conscious sedation for children, to help them feel less stressed about their dental visit.

Conscious Sedation For Kids

We may recommend conscious sedation for children that are apprehensive, very young, or those with special needs. Conscious sedation is used to help calm your child and reduce anxiety or discomfort.

Once administered your child may be drowsy, and on rare occasions fall asleep, while remaining conscious. Our dentist will administer the medication best suited for your child’s overall health and recommended dental treatments. We will be happy to answer any questions you might have concerning conscious sedation.

Before their appointment:

Please notify us of any change to your child’s health. Do not bring your child for treatment if they are experiencing a fever, ear infection, or cold. Should your child become ill, contact us to confirm if it is necessary to postpone their appointment.

Inform your dentist of any drugs that your child is currently taking and of any drug reactions or allergies they may have. 

We recommend dressing your child in loose-fitting and comfortable clothing. Ensure that your child goes to the bathroom immediately before arriving at our office.

Your child should not eat solid food (including milk) for at least 6 hours before their sedation appointment and may only consume clear liquids for up to 2 hours before their appointment.

During the appointment: 

A parent or legal guardian must remain at the office during the entire appointment. We ask that you watch your child closely while the medication takes effect. Hold them in your lap or keep them close to you. Do not allow them to play and run around during this time. They may act drowsy and become unstable or may become slightly excited at first.

After the sedation appointment:

Your child may feel drowsy and will need to be monitored very closely. They may want to sleep. If so, place them on their side with their chin up and wake them every hour to encourage them to have something to drink to prevent dehydration. Start clear liquids, and progress to a light and easily digestible meal.

If your child is nauseous, help them bend over and turn their head to the side to ensure that they do not inhale their vomit. 

As we use a local anesthetic to help numb your child’s mouth during their procedure, they may have the tendency to bite or chew their lips, cheeks, or rub at their face after treatment. Please observe them very carefully to help prevent any injury.

Key facts on Oral Conscious Sedation

  • Most commonly used for children with serious dental phobia or who have trouble sitting still because of their age or behavioural, social or cognitive challenges.
  • Such medications are generally used for lengthier or more complicated procedures, such as fillings, extractions or crowns, rather than for check-ups.
  • Like nitrous oxide, the option doesn’t usually render patients unconscious; instead, children usually become relaxed or drowsy enough to sleep a little and some may not recall treatment at all.
  • Tiredness and impaired balance may take up to 5 hours to wear off completely.

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